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Olive tree cutting back, and artistic revival

 Olive tree, which was carefully cut back, then let to regrow in a very formal artistic manor,... and showing off it's 'wizened character' trunk.   I don't know who the work-artist is.  Summer 2017.

Melaleuca nemophila, Japanese pine bonsai style of pruning

 Melaleuca nesophila trained-pruned to be in character like a bonsai-pine.   I don't know who the pruning-trimming artist is.   Excellent work-art.  Summer 2017.

Oak Tree Trunk Distorted by Cracked Boulders

(Click on underlined title to read more) Quercus agrifolia, west of Santa Ysabel, just off the road a bit, a little ways from a dirt parking lot.

'Tree' chair


Here's Peter Pook in Australia and his living sculpture as a chair.  And here's his website:   http://pooktre.com/photos/

Grafting Sculptures by Axel Erlandson

(Click on underlined title to see more) Axel Erlandson created this with six sycamores planted in a ring pattern:  "To create the 'Basket Tree', Erlandson planted six sycamore trees in a circle, topped them all at one foot,

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