Plants Comprehensive is here to give you quality service and results in horticulture, irrigation, arboriculture, landscape design, and installation, for your plant and design situations, as a plantscape/landscape handyman/contractor. Scott Jones has continually been involved and employed in this very diverse and broad field in San Diego since his mid-teens, working in nurseries for over 12 years, self-employment and personal endeavors within the field for over 30 years, along with work-experience with an interior plantscape company and a ‘fine detail’ tree service, as well as keeping up with select cutting edge insights and knowledge throughout, as pertinent. 

Scott’s a San Diego native and lifelong resident, knows the region very well, very much appreciates the special qualities available to us here, and competently covers just about anything you would want for your yard and garden Plantscape Habitat.  So if you want landscape design and installation(and pre-demolition when necessary), whether for a particular style, mood, effect, or intent; drought tolerance; interesting natives; low maintenance; water-wise irrigation design, installation, retrofitting, and practices; lawns; organic, holistic, i.p.m., and other appropriate plant and landscape practices (such as with fertilizing practices, and, understanding insect populations and their possible management), which potentially integrates all reasonable practices; all kinds of fruits, flowers, vegetables, and ornamentals; sculpturesque tree, shrub, and vine trimming/pruning/grooming; plant grafting; specialized 'boutique' garden maintenance; garden renovation; landscape 'coaching'; consulting, and, problem diagnosis and resolution, on most kinds of garden landscape issues, and more,... Scott's here to do all that for you. 

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ISA Certified Arborist WE-8027A
CAUFC Certified Urban Forester #135
CANGC Advanced California Certified Nurseryman #2736
CSLB California Licensed Landscape Contractor (C27) #893456

Special Appreciation to the following horticultural related societies:

California Native Plant Society(CNPS) - http://www.cnps.org
California Rare Fruit Growers(CRFG) - http://www.crfg.org
International Society of Arboriculture(ISA) - http://www.isa-arbor.com

San Diego Horticultural Society(SDHS) - http://www.sdhortsoc.org


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And, I'm also 'about' making our native Beach Primrose a common landscape plant for beach area residences(and also Camissonia bistorta just inland, and much further inland, from the beach), particularly with loose easy-dig soil or straight beach sand. Blooms year-round if they don't get too dry relative for their abilities, though lives only about a year or two or a bit more, but readily re-establishes from self-sown seed. Will keep best appearance with occasional/infrequent watering during summer into fall. Trimming off the old stems is necessary for a groomed/freshest appearance late in the growing season.
In their native habitat, San Diego river mouth, north OB, with silvery-grey young-small plants of Ambrosia chammisonis surrounding:

With Abronia umbellata, lavender flowers, one of the Sand Verbena species, at Mariners Point, below:

San Diego Native Beach Trio, in Ocean Beach:  Below, Beach Primrose with Abronia umbellata - Sand Verbena, and Ambrosia chamissonis - Beach Burr(thorned small fruits), - the grey-green leaves at left foreground.






C27 893456


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