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Ficus benjamina disc-topiary

 Ficus benjamina trim-style suitable for the Jetson's landscaping,... pretty far out.  In Pacific Beach.

Olive tree cutting back, and artistic revival

 Olive tree, which was carefully cut back, then let to regrow in a very formal artistic manor,... and showing off it's 'wizened character' trunk.   I don't know who the work-artist is.  Summer 2017.

Melaleuca nemophila, Japanese pine bonsai style of pruning

 Melaleuca nesophila trained-pruned to be in character like a bonsai-pine.   I don't know who the pruning-trimming artist is.   Excellent work-art.  Summer 2017.

Oak Tree Trunk Distorted by Cracked Boulders

(Click on underlined title to read more) Quercus agrifolia, west of Santa Ysabel, just off the road a bit, a little ways from a dirt parking lot.

'Tree' chair


Here's Peter Pook in Australia and his living sculpture as a chair.  And here's his website:   http://pooktre.com/photos/

Grafting Sculptures by Axel Erlandson

(Click on underlined title to see more) Axel Erlandson created this with six sycamores planted in a ring pattern:  "To create the 'Basket Tree', Erlandson planted six sycamore trees in a circle, topped them all at one foot,

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