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'Tree' chair


Here's Peter Pook in Australia and his living sculpture as a chair.  And here's his website:

Grafting Sculptures by Axel Erlandson

(Click on underlined title to see more) Axel Erlandson created this with six sycamores planted in a ring pattern:  "To create the 'Basket Tree', Erlandson planted six sycamore trees in a circle, topped them all at one foot,

Vulpia myuros, grass

(Click underlined title to see more) Vulpia myuros, a common aggressively invasive annual non-native annual grass that grows in wild areas of the San Diego region, native to Europe, and gets up to about a foot tall.  Another caution about it is that it's highly flammable if ignited when dry.

Peach and Apricot on the same tree by grafting

Peach and Apricot on the same plant/'tree', by grafting.  I do this, I did this.  Mid Pride Peach on right, probably Royal/Blenheim apricot on left(scion from old tree in old Pt. Loma property in the La Playa neighborhood).

American Classic, front yard and house architecture

American Classic front yard and house architecture, with San Diego adapted industrial strength plants:  Liquidambar, Raphiolepis, Agapanthus, Fescue lawn.  In Point Loma.  Unknown designer.

Kensington, Michael Buckner succulent-n-cactus designscape

                       San Diego succulent landscaping.


Pt. Loma, Nimitz Blvd at Catalina Blvd on-ramp, Michael Buckner succulent designscape


Plants are Euphorbia 'Firestix'(orangey mass), Aloe cameronii, Golden leaved Crassula 'jade', variegated green-n-white Portulacaria.

                               San Diego succulent landscaping.

Mt. Soledad, Michael Buckner succulent-n-cactus designscape

608                   San Diego succulent landscaping.

San Diego Natural History Museum article on regional native succulents

Check out this very interesting article about 'Native Succulent Diversity and Gardening' from the San Diego Natural History Museum conservation botanist John Rebman:



Regional Native Plants of Particular Interest: Cryptantha clevelandii - annual, Encelia californica - shrub


Cryptantha clevelandii, white flowers, aka popcorn flower, and Encelia californica, yellow flowers, in early Spring, Pt. Loma.

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