San Diego Drought Tolerant Landscaping

San Diego Drought Tolerant Landscaping

Prickly Pear fruit - Round deep red fruits

 Deep red Prickly Pear fruit, from plants growing in Poway.  This is not a native Opuntia, this is an Opuntia ficus-indica sort.  This is a round fruited form, with round leaves/pads.   Fruit has soft juicy flesh, juicier than typical prickly pear fruits for fresh eating, which is mildly sweet, with more tanginess/acidity(but not 'too much') than typical prickly pear fruit varieties used for fresh eating.    Pleasant, refreshing eating quality.

Succulent & Cactus Garden, Encinitas/Leucadia, by Michael Buckner



 North side of Moonlight Beach area up the street slope.   San Diego succulent landscaping.



Cactus and Succulent Garden in Mt. Soledad, by Michael Buckner


Cactus & succulent garden in Mt. Soledad neighborhood, July 2018, by Michael Buckner (click on title to see more)

Banksia prionotes


Banksia prionotes, a Western Australian native, growing in Valley Center; red-leaved Leucadendron behind at right.

Kensington, Michael Buckner succulent-n-cactus designscape

                       San Diego succulent landscaping.


Pt. Loma, Nimitz Blvd at Catalina Blvd on-ramp, Michael Buckner succulent designscape


Plants are Euphorbia 'Firestix'(orangey mass), Aloe cameronii, Golden leaved Crassula 'jade', variegated green-n-white Portulacaria.

                               San Diego succulent landscaping.

Mt. Soledad, Michael Buckner succulent-n-cactus designscape

608                   San Diego succulent landscaping.

Hillcrest Landscape, trés chic xeric, four plant varieties composition + DG

Euporbia 'Ammak'(light), Euphorbia ingens(dark), Euphorbia trigona(small), Agave parryi 'huachucensis', coarse decomposed granite.  Unknown designer.


Plantscape/Landscape composition is about desires, values, intent, art, and drawing inspiration from the idea of working with and heightening, or creating, the 'spirit of place' within your space.

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