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Regional Natives of particular interest: Dudleya pulverulenta

(Click on underlined title to see more) Dudleya pulverulenta in bloom near the Glider Port in June, with brownish-green Artemisia calfornica growing behind it(it's light green-grey during Winter through early Spring due to rain).  The photo below shows one in Winter, growing out of a rock crack in the side of a blasted rock 'wall' alongside a rode near Las Pilitas Nursery near Valley Center.

Regional Native Plants of Particular Interest: Atriplex lentiformis - Quail Bush

 (Click on underlined title to see more)Silver-green leaved Quail Bush in middle, brownish-green Artemisia californica surrounding it.  Background has Torrey Pine on both sides, a very old Scrub Oak(Quercus dumosa) to the left, San Diego Mahogany(Cercocarpus m.) behind Quail Bush, Lemonade Berry between the two sections of the Cercocarpus.

Regional Native Plants of Particular Interest: Salvia mellifera, Diplacus puniceus, Viguiera laciniata

(Click on underlined title to see more)Top photo, white-blue Salvia, red flowered form of Diplacus puniceus.  Both get around four feet, bloom in Spring, lite-woody perennials.  Yellow flowers at left lower corner are probably Viguiera laciniata.

Lite-Woody-Herbaceous Native Color-Mix: Diplacus, Eriophyllum, Salvia apiana, Artemisia, and the woody Laurel Sumac

(Click on underlined title to see more)  Top photo is a mix of red flowered and orange flowered Diplacus aurantiacus, yellow Eriophyllum confertiflorum, Bluish-white Salvia mellifera, grey-green Artemisia californica, and Elderberry in the background.  Top photo in Rancho Bernardo, the three lower photos are near Mt. Miguel close to the Jamacha Blvd/94 freeway intersection.

Regional Native Plants of Particular Interest: Chaenactis glabriuscula, Yellow Pincussion

(click underlined title to see more)Yellow Pincushion, an annual, grows to about a 12" to 16", blooms mid-Spring to mid-Summer.  In the bottom photo, growing amongst it, are Lessingia filaginifolia, with the wispy silvery foliage, and the silvery leaved, low-growing form of Croton californicus.  Buckwheat(Eriogonum fasc.) growing immediately behind them all.

Regional Native Plants of Particular Interest: Deinandra fasciculata, annual

(Click on underlined title to see more) Annual, gets about 1 foot tall, sometimes more.  Blooms late Spring through mid Summer.  Top photo near Salk Institute.  Middle photo in Pt. Loma,  yellow flowers along walk are Deinandra.   Artemisia cal. at left, Eriogonum fas.

Regional Native Plants of Particular Interest: Lasthenia coronaria

Yellow flowers in foreground are Lasthenia coronaria, annual, blooms late Winter through Spring, grows up to 1 foot tall(also native to Guadalupe Island).  Lotus scoparius in middle, Encelia californica yellow flowers in back left.  Artemisa californica the grey-green bushes.  Lemonade Berry the dark green bushes furthest in background from left to right.  Photo in La Jolla above Birch Aquarium area.   

Regional Native Plants of Particular Interest: Eriodictyon crassifolium var. crassifolium, Silver Felty Leaf Yerba Santa

(Click on underlined title to see more)Top photo in north Del Mar, the silvery colored leaved plants in the middle are the Eriodictyon.  Grows up to about 7 feet potentially, depending on the moisture availability.  Torrey Pines in background, Cercocarpus minutiflorus at right, Salvia mellifera(foreground, dry), Artemisia californica left of center, Lemonade Berry(green bushes) in back.

Regional Native Plants of Particular Interest: Lotus scoparius

Lotus scoparius, gets about 3 feet all around, blooms in Spring.  Surrounding native plants are the white flowered Gnaphalium californicum at right back, red flowered Mimulus aurantiacus right of center back, Eriophyllum confertiflorum in bud at left behind Lotus and at right side; sparsely foliaged Lemonade Berry in back left of center, one Encelia californica flower poking out at right and in middle bottom of photo.  Photo in early April near Salk Institute.

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