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Regional natives of particular interest: Some Coastal Shrub Scrub and Chaparral interface


Adenostoma fasciculatum(aka, Chamise, cream flowers) on right side, Erigonum fasciculatum(white, pink-tinged flowers) front center and to right, Eriophyllum confertiflorum(yellow flowers) front, Yucca schidigera at left between Salvia mellifera (in front) and Quercus dumosa (in back left, aka Scrub Oak), Xylococcus (Mission Manznita) back center, Salvia mellifera also at right side middle.  In north Clairemont(neighborhood).

Regional natives of particular interest: Yucca schidigera

(Click on underlined title to see more text)Yucca schidigera, potentially grows up 10 to 12 feet, but usually much less, 6 foot is average.  Other plants in top photo, of the Yucca in bloom, are Lemonade berry in back, Artemisia californica in middle area, one Salvia mellifera intermingled a bit on left.  Other plants in bottom photo are Lemonade berry to the left, Cholla cactus in center, Bladderpod at right.

Regional natives of particular interest: Isomeris arborea - Bladder Pod Bush, Encelia californica - Coastal Bush Sunflower

(Click on underlined title to see more) Bladderpod Bush, center, potential size to about 6'.  Heaviest bloom in Spring, but some flowers scattered throughout the year.  Top photo:  Encelia(yellow sunflower) to the left, blooms in spring, potentially through Summer with irrigation.  The darker bushes to the right are Lemonade Berry, and the grey-green bushes scattered in the background are probably Artemisia californica.

Regional Native Plants of Particular Interest: Viguiera, Artemisia, Malosma

(Click underlined title for more)In early spring on Cowles Mtn.  Viguiera laciniata (yellow flowers), Artemisia californica (lite green-grey foliage), both of which are lite-woody shrubs, and Malosma laurina (Laurel Sumac) darker green big shrub in background, can be a big shrub to small tree,  has real wood.  Viguiera blooms mostly in Spring, though with irrigation can bloom most of the year.

Regional Native Plants of Particular Interest: Helianthemum scoparium, 'Sun Rose', subshrub

Helianthemum, the majority of the yellow shrubs here.  Also, Lotus scoparius, the other yellow flowered shrub in the photo, on the left, and further in the background, left and right, along with Artemisia californica, the greyish-green shrub, and some Lemonade Berry, Encelia california, and Mimulus behind them, not so evident in picture.  Also, one Dudleya edulis in right front corner.  Location immediately west of Salk Institute.

Regional Native Plants of Particular Interest: Dendromecon rigida, Bush Poppy


Bush Poppy, blooms nearly year-round, Spring most profuse, grows up to 8 feet or so.  Photo on north side, east Otay Mtn.

Regional Native Plants of Particular Interest: Arctostaphylos glandulosa, glaucous form on Otay Mountain

Light blue-grey leaves, bushy plant, grows up to 6 feet, but usually less.   Blooms winter, red berries in Spring to Summer.   Burl sprouter, grows back if killed to the ground by fire, or cutting back to the ground.  Surrounding plants in photo are green leaf Manzanita of the same species, and Chamaebatia australis.  East Otay Mtn. range.

Regional Native Plants of Particular Interest: Ribes viburnifolium, spreading loose shrub

 Evergreen Currant, foliage scent like wine/pine/apple, variable.   Young stems red, turn woody rouge brown, maroon-red flowers in panicle clusters in Winter-Spring followed by tiny red fruit.  Prefers shade or light dappled sun, foliage burns in 'too much' sun.  Easy to keep within a couple feet in height, though can get a few feet tall or more, and can spread much more.

Regional Native Plants of Particular Interest: Heteromeles arbutifolia - Toyon - large bush / small patio tree

 Native to much of the SoCaL region westward of the mountains, Toyon(Heteromeles arbutifolia) gets around 6 to 15 feet +, rarely to 25-30 feet, depending on water and location.  White blooms Spring to Fall(variable per area), red berries in Fall/Winter.  

Regional natives of particular interest: Camissonia cheiranthifolia - Beach Primrose, Ambrosia chamissonis - Beach Burr

 Both native to beach areas in regular sandy beach soil, though can grow in sandy loam soil too.  Beach Primrose(yellow flowers) blooms year-round.  Takes regular irrigation, which is necessary for good appearance and abundant Summer-Fall bloom, but survives on rainfall alone in the wild, and in moderate domestic situations.

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