Xylococcus bicolor (Mission Manzanita) 20-footer

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Below, closeup from patio above, on south side of garage:

Perspective from downslope looking up:

North of Morley Field, north Florida Canyon, near the San Diego Zoo, in the yard of a client of mine who hired me for some pruning/trimming of plants in their yard, including a bit on this Xylococcus.  The current residents moved in around the year 2000.  This Xylococcus is twenty foot tall from trunk-ground-level to top of foliage, west of garage at left, and twenty feet north of a 20 foot Loquat tree, along the wall around from the garage.  With all the current property owner can figure, this Xylococcus is apparently a volunteer plant which sprouted some decades ago, maybe early 20th century or before, from a local Xylococcus population which inhabits Florida Canyon.  Tallest one I've ever seen, and it's beautiful, especially the beautiful smooth cinnamon colored bark.   There's another Xylococcus nearly 20 feet tall in the north Del Mar Canyon/Crest Canyon, but not as magnificent looking as this one in the photo.  The one in the photo is in a very protected location where moisture can stay for quite a while, and it's well drained soil too,... it also gets some peripheral release of grey water nearly every week year-round about ten feet south of the trunk from the clothes washing machine though it's an enzymatic detergent that is used in the water solution, apparently not an alkali based detergent.  That's me next to the trunk, my height is 6'4".  October 2012.

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